Discover VergoMax 

VergoMax is your independent partner to take over your overstocks of soil or supply you with sand on your construction site. With strict quality control, compliance with all applicable environmental requirements is assured.

VergoMax is your supplier for a wide range of materials. Through our international network we guarantee the supply of your commodities. Both primary (sand, natural stone granulate,…) and secondary (concrete rubble, mixed rubble, asphalt, steel slag, ..). Through our international network we guarantee the supply of your commodities. 

VergoMax has a variety of treatment-solutions for soil, various types of granulates and other recyclable waste, taking into account the best available techniques.: right balance between safety, effectiveness, efficiency and care for the environment.

If desired we sample and analyze your waste. Of course we also take care of administrative matters such as arranging documents, permits , organizing the transport by lorry or ship and provide general consulting services . In fact, we offer an all-in solution, so you can focus on your core business.

Our partners work according to certified environmental and quality management systems.

‘’ QuoteVergoMax thinks along with us and offers total solutions.

‘’ Quote: With the advice we get from VergoMax, we choose these processing methods that are closely related to our safety, environmental and quality requirements. 

VergoMax BVBA -  Deken Camerlyncklaan 87 te 8500 Kortrijk - Tel : 0032 56 49 61 59 - Mail : - BTW : BE 0846 584 821